Sunnyside Films

The Sunnyside Story

We are a film and video production company specializing in the communication of high-impact messages to a wide range of audiences. We have helped a select group of educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and non-profits maintain their competitive edge by communicating some of their most important messages through commercial quality film, video and digital media.

Want to transmit your story with emotional resonance? We can do it. More than video makers, we are communication specialists. We produce in all formats, including the latest in digital technology, in the studio or on location, dramatic and documentary, with actors and real people alike. Sunnyside's array of award-winning crafts people are dedicated to producing your video and web content with a high degree of creativity, vision, and a value-conscious approach.

Sunnyside is headed by Jon Huberth who heads the team that will personally produce your project. He brings with him forty years of experience producing films and videos that have won CINE Golden Eagles and CASE awards.

Sunnyside provides the right combination of creativity and business savvy. Whatever your need may be, we will work in close concert with you to develop a creative vision that is inspired by sound strategy, a heartfelt grasp of the storytelling process, and will fit the needs of your specific project. We produce a final product that is high in quality, finished on schedule and brought in on budget. Our clients consistently return for repeat business.