Sunnyside Films

Fund Raising

“What I think makes them different from the other companies with which I've worked is that they listen to what your ultimate goal is and work backward from there. We had told them that we didn't want the typical ‘here's what we want to raise money for’ with talking heads but that we wanted an emotional film that would demonstrate why the place was worth supporting. We got exactly what we asked for. Unlike a lot of places that do these films, their work is anything but formulaic. I've had nothing but positive experiences working with them.”
Jeffery Hanna - Executive Director, Communications & Public Affairs, Washington and Lee University

"When we first discussed a campaign video the general feeling was they're rarely used and not worth the expense. However, the decision was made to produce one for the campaign gala. After seeing what they produced for us, and the impact it had on alumni and friends, the development team rarely has an alumni or donor gathering where the video isn't used. And, now they're the ones asking for more video! They made believers out of skeptics, and, of course, we always go back to rhem."
Matt Kurz – Vice President for Communications, Illinois Wesleyan University

"Jon Huberth has the unique skill as a filmmaker to understand the essence and heart of an organization and, working with the key constituencies within that organization, create a film that captures the imagination of viewers in a way that translates into philanthropic support and customer inquiry. That was our experience, and we couldn’t be more delighted!”
Robert E. Simpson, Jr., DSW, MPH – President & CEO, Brattleboro Retreat

"Totally boffo! Cheering and applause. You created a piece that is an integral part of the campaign."
John T. Miller -- Director, Special Projects and Princetonian, Princeton University

"A new, high water mark was revealed on Friday night. Congratulations… the film is the best, by far, that I have ever seen. What an impressive and dignified piece of work... masterfully done."
Farris Hotchkiss - former Director of Development, Washington and Lee University

"This event will go down in the annals of Law School history as the most amazing ever. I know it was the product of teamwork, but our video and printed materials felt very foundational to the whole operation and ultimately were key to bringing this event to fruition in such an impressive way. There was an excitient in the air that I wanted to bottle...the video caught that perfect blend. You nailed it."
Jeannie Forrest - Associate Dean, Development and Alumni Relations, NYU School of Law

" captured beautifully and persuasively the essence of Swarthmore."
Al Bloom - President, Swarthmore College

"It is superb. …the comments of people [in the video] had so much interest and integrity, and there was a feeling of genuine affection, curiosity, and respect for each other that conveyed what I think is the best of Swarthmore. Kudos to all. This is one of the only videos of its type that I will want to watch again, simply because I enjoyed the content of what people had to say, and it made me curious to reflect on my own experiences and thoughts about education. Bravo".
Kristin V. Rehder - Consultant, Swarthmore College

"We knew we had a great story to tell. But it's not easy to bring the spirit of an organization to life in just a few minutes of video. You brought to the process just the creative spark we needed. The result is a powerful and motivational video to support our capital campaign."
Mark Oliveira -- Associate Vice President, Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center

"Not only was response enthusiastic, they produced these films on time and on a tight budget; they never compromised and were good to work with from beginning to end."

David E. Morine -- Vice-President, The Nature Conservancy

"If much that obtained during our reunions was a success, of nothing is this more true than the campaign video. We are grateful to you and your entire team. This will be the center-piece of our efforts."
Rob Oden -- President, Kenyon College

"A dramatic success...magnificent work. I wish I could count how many times people have told me just how moving and special they found the film. It has a wonderful balance of heart and mind."
James O. Freedman -- President, Dartmouth College

"It more than fulfilled our ambitions in all respects. The film's grasp of and elaboration on the thie was precisely on target. That [the film] was done on time under very constrained time limits and that it came in on budget were two not so incidental aspects of working with you which are worth riarking. It was a great comfort to know we were dealing with someone who was as practically reliable as he was sensitively creative."
Kent W. Faerber -- Secretary for Alumni Relations & Development, Amherst College

"We needed help to save this theatre and create a Broadway home for MTC. Knowing from the start that we needed a series of iotionally persuasive videos to get our story out to key donor prospects and other important people, we went immediately to Jon Huberth and his team, because we had no doubt they could do the job. And they did. We reached our 35 million dollar goal on time and in a difficult economic cycle."
Barry Grove - Executive Producer, Manhattan Theatre Club


"After the first year of release, we saw an 11% increase in applications. After four years, a 66% increase (hard to believe, but true!). This year (2010) to date, we're over 6000 gross for only the second time. And (applicants) continue to comment on the DVD."
Jim Bock - Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Swarthmore College

"Make a Place for a dream come true! Our fall enrollment was the biggest in College history, and the video was a key part of that success. I truly enjoyed working with you throughout the project...and felt confident that we were in capable hands."
Lucy Shonk -- Director of Admissions, Franklin Pierce University

"We keep coming back to you folks because you give us more than we ask for."
Tom Stamp - Director of Public Affairs, Kenyon College

"A preliminary analysis of our video indicates that students who received the video are 10 times more likely to visit the campus than those who did not receive it and 5.5 times more likely to apply than those who did not receive it."
Jeffery G. Hanna -- Director of College Relations, College of Wooster

"Thank you for a wonderful piece of work; for your creativity and perception."

Carol Wheatley -- Dean of Admissions, College of Wooster

"The video is very effective. It actually got my mother crying! (PS. That's a good thing.)"
- unsolicited comment from a prospective College of Wooster applicant


“So appreciate your work, your listening, and your talent for ‘getting’ us, capturing the essence, and then putting it so beautifully on the screen.”
Marijke Kehrhahn - Associate Dean, UCONN Neag School of Education

"I have worked with the company on three major video projects, and the results have been outstanding on every occasion. The great thing about the company is that they get it - they take the time to understand the scope of the project, the character of the institution and the complexities of the campus community. They are creative and innovative in their approach, yet open to ideas. This is also evident in the editing room, so that the final product ierges as a true collaborative effort. The mibers of their team are professional, skilled in their craft - and fun to work with! The award-winning videos they have produced for Southern have earned highly positive reviews and now form a key part of our fund-raising and student recruitment effort."
Patrick Dilger - Director of Public Affairs, Southern Connecticut State University

"When we were looking at RFPs, you were the only bidder who did any research and actually grasped the complexities of our university. The final product looks so simple, so incredibly unrehearsed, unorchestrated and natural. You made this happen. You did something for us that I'm really impressed with. I know it's your job. I understand that. But you made sure that it reflected exactly what we were looking for. I know you want a really terrific product as much as we do, but I think that you really listened, and you worked hard. You really did what we wanted."
Michael Weingarten - Dean of Admissions, SUNY's Fashion Institute of Technology


"You really did it! ...both riveting and instructional - two qualities seldom seen together in training videos. With the enthusiastic support of our sales staff, this series has been widely accepted by the marketplace. Our contract with you has brought us world-class quality."
David T. Culverwell -- Vice President and Publisher, Moseby Lifeline

"Outstanding. Complicated and often confusing legal issues were presented in a clear and understandable manner. On a par with anything that Hollywood produces."
Thomas J. Flanagan -- Commanding Officer; New York City Police Department Legal Bureau